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Rustic Dining Pavilion, 066X-0002 Plan 066X-0002

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Enhance your home and backyard with a pavilion plan. These accessory structures are designed to offer covered outdoor living space where you can kick back and relax either by yourself or with family and friends. These free-standing structures are like covered porches, but they are not attached to the home like a covered porch. Pavilion plans offer the best of both worlds; you can enjoy the gentle breeze as you take in the sights and sounds of the outdoors, all while being protected from the sun. Some pavilion plans are just basic structures with posts for support and a roof overhead. Others have more to offer like an outdoor kitchen, grill, storage space, outdoor fireplace, or even a full or half bath. Additionally, some pavilion plans are screened on all sides keeping the bugs out. They are perfect for family barbeques, dining alfresco and after dinner drinks. Pavilion plans are closely related to Pool House plans. For similar small structures, please view our collection of Gazebo plans

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Carport Plan, 001G-0006

Plan 001G-0006

Double Carport
Width 24'8"
Depth 24'8"
2-Car Carport Plan, 006G-0006

Plan 006G-0006

2-Car Carport
Width 19'0"
Depth 21'0"
Double Carport Plan, 006G-0017

Plan 006G-0017

Double Carport
Width 23'10"
Depth 21'10"
Pool House Plan, 006P-0037

Plan 006P-0037

Pool House with Arbor
Full Bath 1
Width 27'0"
Depth 22'0"
Modern Carport Plan, 050G-0222

Plan 050G-0222

12'x21' Pavilion or Carport Plan
Width 12'0"
Depth 21'0"
Carport plan with Storage, 050G-0226

Plan 050G-0226

Pavilion/Carport with Storage
Width 12'0"
Depth 22'0"
Gazebo Plan, 050X-0002

Plan 050X-0002

Large Gazebo Plan
Width 32'0"
Depth 32'0"
Gazebo or Pavilion Plan, 050X-0006

Plan 050X-0006

Gazebo or Pavilion
Width 16'0"
Depth 14'0"
Gazebo Plan, 050X-0007

Plan 050X-0007

21'x17' Gazebo
Width 21'0"
Depth 17'0"
Gazebo or Pavilion Plan, 050X-0008

Plan 050X-0008

Gazebo with Fireplace
Width 25'0"
Depth 21'0"
Gazebo Plan with Fireplace, 050X-0069

Plan 050X-0069

Gazebo with Fireplace
Width 24'0"
Depth 20'0"
Carport Plan, 051G-0027

Plan 051G-0027

18'x20' Carport
Width 18'0"
Depth 20'0"
Carport Plan, 051G-0048

Plan 051G-0048

Carport or Pavilion
Width 20'0"
Depth 20'0"
Carport Plan, 051G-0062

Plan 051G-0062

Carport with Storage
Width 22'0"
Depth 22'0"
Workshop with Carport, 051G-0088

Plan 051G-0088

Workshop Plan with Carport
Width 24'0"
Depth 48'0"
Carport Plan, 051G-0102

Plan 051G-0102

26'x26' Carport Plan
Width 26'0"
Depth 26'0"
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