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Sun Room Addition Plan, 047X-0021 Plan 047X-0021

About Sun Room Plans ...

Sun room plans are home additions designed to allow as much sunlight as possible into the room. They incorporate as many windows and possible and sometimes feature glass roofs or floor-to ceiling windows. Sun rooms offer protection from the elements while allowing the view of the surrounding landscape. They are sometimes referred to as sun porches and solariums, among other names. Our sun room plans are closely related to Screened Porch plans and Three-Season Room plans.  


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Sun Room Addition Plan, 006X-0021

Plan 006X-0021

Sun Room Addition
Width 26'0"
Depth 15'0"
Sun Room Addition Plan, 006X-0024

Plan 006X-0024

Sun Room Addition
Width 29'5"
Depth 17'2"
Sun Room Addition Plan, 006X-0027

Plan 006X-0027

Sun Room Addition
Sun Room Addition Plan, 006X-0029

Plan 006X-0029

Sun Room Addition
Width 21'0"
Depth 25'0"
Sun Room Addition Plan, 006X-0031

Plan 006X-0031

Sun Room Addition
Width 40'0"
Depth 20'0"
Sun Room Addition, 006X-0034

Plan 006X-0034

Sun Room Addition
Width 58'0"
Depth 21'0"
Two-Story Addition Plan, 006X-0037

Plan 006X-0037

Two-Story Addition Plan
Half Bath 1
Width 74'0"
Depth 37'0"
Sun Room Addition Plan, 047X-0020

Plan 047X-0020

Shed Roof Sun Room Addition
Sun Room Addition Plan, 047X-0021

Plan 047X-0021

Gabled Sun Room Addition
Sun Room Plan, 072X-0038

Plan 072X-0038

Sun Room Addition
Viewing 1-10 of 10 Items Per Page:

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