Accessory Structures

Plan 062P-0026

Pool House Plans

Pool house plans and cabanas are accessory structures designed to accompany your backyard pool. These designs are flexible enough to be used for a variety of purposes, but they are primarily built to provide a changing area and/or...
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Plan 050G-0175

Garage Plans

Detached garage plans are accessory structures designed to fit in your backyard or beside your home. They make a nice addition to any property delivering extra sheltered parking or storage space while enhancing the value of your home....
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Plan 066X-0002

Pavilion Plans

Enhance your home and backyard with a pavilion plan. These accessory structures are designed to offer covered outdoor living space where you can kick back and relax either by yourself or with family and friends. These free-standing...
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Plan 001B-0001

Outbuilding & Horse Barn Plans

Add functionality, storage space, and livestock stalls to your farm, ranch, or other property by building an outbuilding plan or a horse barn plan. This collection of designs features floor plans that offer storage space for machinery...
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Plan 052X-0003

Miscellaneous Accessory Structure Plans

Our miscellaneous accessory structure plans are a collection of designs that will add that “something extra” to your backyard. For example, we offer studio plans for artists and writers, and cozy home offices that allow...
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Plan 006G-0028

Garage & Carport Plans

Expand your sheltered parking at home with a garage or carport addition. These special structures are designed to attach to your existing home and accommodate one or more automobiles. The carport additions and some of the garage...
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Plan 047X-0026

Room Addition Plans

Need more living space? Consider building a room addition. We offer a variety of room addition plans that allow you to expand your living space by adding on to your existing home. Whether you need more room for a home office, a cozy...
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Plan 047X-0009

Screen Porch Plans

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors from the comfort of a screened porch plan. Adding a screened porch to your home will provide an outdoor living space that is protected from insects, other pests, and the elements. They are...
[Browse Screen Porch Plans]

Plan 047X-0021

Sunroom Plans

Sunroom plans are home additions designed to allow as much sunlight as possible into the room. They incorporate as many windows and possible and sometimes feature glass roofs or floor-to ceiling windows. Sunrooms offer protection from...
[Browse Sunroom Plans]

Plan 047X-0029

Three-Season Room Plans

Our three-season room plans are designed as home additions extending the useable space of the home. These additions are not fully insulated and do not typically have heating and air conditioning. They are suitable for relaxing, dining...
[Browse Three-Season Room Plans]

Decks & Gazebos

Plan 047X-0003

Deck Plans

Deck plans deliver an opportunity to create an outdoor living space for entertaining, grilling, dining and relaxing. Decks are typically constructed of weather-resistant lumber or composite wood. The deck plans in our collection range...
[Browse Deck Plans]

Plan 072X-0034

Hot Tub & Pool Deck Plans

Building a deck for your hot tub or pool will enhance the enjoyment of your refreshing and relaxing backyard retreat. Hot tub and pool decks provide a usable and functional area around the hot tub or pool for socializing or laying...
[Browse Hot Tub & Pool Deck Plans]

Plan 050X-0001

Gazebo Plans

Gazebo plans are outdoor structures featuring a roof and open sides that deliver a view of the surrounding landscape. They are popular backyard structures that often feature benches or other seating, and they are used for relaxing and...
[Browse Gazebo Plans]

Plan 047X-0043

Patio Plans

Patio plans offer a simple way to extend your living space outdoors. They offer a suitable place for grilling, outdoor dining, and relaxing. Patio plans are a nice alternative to [Browse Patio Plans]

Plan 072X-0025

Pergola Plans

Enhance your backyard or garden with an inviting pergola plan. These structures are composed of posts, cross beams, and lattice forming a shaded sitting area, walkway, or passage. Often, flowering vines and other climbing vines climb...
[Browse Pergola Plans]

How-To Plans

Plan 047X-9999

How-to-Build a Deck

This is an instructional package offering easy-to-follow instructions for general construction techniques and details on how to build decks. The package includes three different styles of deck construction – rectangular,...
[Browse How-to-Build a Deck]

Plan 047G-9999

How-to-Build a Garage

This is an instructional package offering easy-to-follow instructions for general garage construction. NOTE: If you purchase the PDF option, this plan will need to be printed on 24”x36” sheets to obtain...
[Browse How-to-Build a Garage]

Plan 047S-9999

How-to-Build a Shed

This is an instructional package offering easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for general shed construction techniques. The package includes information for monolithic slab and free-standing foundation styles....
[Browse How-to-Build a Shed]

Indoor Projects

Plan 077X-0007

Indoor Furniture Plans

Build a piece of furniture that accommodates your needs and reflects your personal style and tastes. Our collection of indoor furniture plans includes plans for bookshelves, cabinets, desks, cedar chests and more. For more furniture...
[Browse Indoor Furniture Plans]

Plan 047X-0001

Workbench Plans

Add functional workspace to your workshop, garage or basement with our workbench plans. These designs provide space to work on space projects and store tools. For more ideas, please see our [Browse Workbench Plans]

Plan 077X-0010

Children's Toy Plans

Build a toy for your child, grandchild or other special kids in your using our children’s toy plans. This collection of designs is ideal for those who enjoy wood crafts and features projects such as a wooden doll bed, a doll...
[Browse Children's Toy Plans]

Plan 077X-0040

Miscellaneous Indoor Project Plans

Our collection of miscellaneous indoor project plans features a variety wooden crafts and other designs including holiday decorations, a quit rack and a grandfather clock. For more options, please consider our [Browse Miscellaneous Indoor Project Plans]

Lawn & Garden Art

Plan 077X-0006

Christmas Patterns

Decorate your lawn for Christmas with our lawn and garden art patterns. Our collection includes Christmas holiday patters for snowmen, Santa Claus, a nativity scene, and other holiday patterns. 

[Browse Christmas Patterns]

Plan 077X-0057

Silhouette Patterns

Decorate your lawn or garden using our silhouette patterns. Our collection of silhouettes includes creatures such as bears and dinosaurs, as well as other designs.

[Browse Silhouette Patterns]

Outdoor Projects

Plan 047X-0035

Arbor & Trellis Plans

Enhance your backyard or flower gardens with a garden arbor or trellis. Our arbor and trellis plans are ideal for growing climbing plants and vines such as clematis, trumpet vine and roses. [Browse Arbor & Trellis Plans]

Plan 072X-0063

Play Structure Plans

Encourage your children to be active outdoors and use their imaginations by building one of our play structure plans. This collection of plans includes climbing structures with slides, a covered sandbox and even a pirate ship! Our...
[Browse Play Structure Plans]

Plan 077X-0004

Outdoor Furniture Plans

Enhance your backyard or garden by building one of our outdoor furniture plans. This collection features designs for picnic tables, benches, and more. For more furniture ideas, browse our collection of [Browse Outdoor Furniture Plans]

Plan 072X-0081

Fence & Gate Plans

Our collection of fence and gate plans includes a variety of designs for individual homes and yards, as well as, subdivisions. Our fence plans provide an attractive way to enclose your yard for those families who have small children...
[Browse Fence & Gate Plans]

Plan 077X-0002

Birdhouse & Doghouse Plans

We offer a nice collection of birdhouse plans and doghouse plans. Our birdhouse plans provide an easy way to attract native bird species to your backyard or flower garden. You’ll enjoy building these small structures as much as...
[Browse Birdhouse & Doghouse Plans]

Plan 072X-0098

Miscellaneous Outdoor Project Plans

Our collection of miscellaneous outdoor project plans features a variety of structures including decorative bridge designs for a garden, hot tub structures, storage structures, and outdoor kitchen/snack areas. For larger projects,...
[Browse Miscellaneous Outdoor Project Plans]

Sheds & Playhouses

Plan 047S-0005

Barn-Style Shed Plans

Barn-style shed plans feature a gambrel roof or other barn-like features. They can be used for storage or even a work area. Barn-style shed plans are available in a variety of sizes, and some even offer loft or attic storage. [Browse Barn-Style Shed Plans]

Plan 072S-0020

Garden Shed Plans

Garden shed plans are ideal for those who have a green thumb. These special plans are designed with gardening in mind. Most garden shed plans offer several windows or clerestory windows, a potting bench, utility sink or room for a...
[Browse Garden Shed Plans]

Plan 028S-0001

Storage Shed Plans

Storage shed plans are designed to offer outdoor or backyard storage space. The are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Storage shed plans help keep the backyard tidy and keep clutter out of the garage so you have room to park...
[Browse Storage Shed Plans]

Plan 050S-0001

Utility Shed Plans

Utility shed plans are designed for storing tools or equipment used around your home or in your yard. Most of these designs offer a double door or an overhead garage door to access the storage space making it easy to move oversized...
[Browse Utility Shed Plans]

Plan 077X-0103

Playhouse Plans

Give your children a great place to play outdoors and use their imaginations with one our playhouse plans. These miniature homes will give your children hours of enjoyment. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles. When the...
[Browse Playhouse Plans]

Plan 047S-0007

Multiple Size Shed Plans

When you are not exactly sure what size shed will fit best in your backyard, you might want to consider our multiple size shed plans. This collection features shed plans that are available in two or more sizes, with all available...
[Browse Multiple Size Shed Plans]

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