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Pergola Plan, 072X-0025 Plan 072X-0025

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Enhance your backyard or garden with an inviting pergola plan. These structures are composed of posts, cross beams, and lattice forming a shaded sitting area, walkway, or passage. Often, flowering vines and other climbing vines climb the pergola. Arbor and Trellis plans are similar to pergola plans. 

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Pergola Plan, 050X-0013

Plan 050X-0013

Backyard Pergola
Width 14'0"
Depth 13'6"
Pergola Plan, 050X-0014

Plan 050X-0014

Garden Pergola
Width 14'0"
Depth 13'6"
Pergola Plan, 050X-0015

Plan 050X-0015

Pergola with Fireplace
Width 22'0"
Depth 13'8"
Pergola Plan, 006X-0023

Plan 006X-0023

20'x20' Pergola
Width 20'0"
Depth 20'0"
Deck with Pergola, 072X-0021

Plan 072X-0021

Multi-Level Deck with Pergola
Outdoor Project Plan, 072X-0024

Plan 072X-0024

Storage Structure with Bench
Pergola Plan, 072X-0025

Plan 072X-0025

Terrace and Pergolas
Pergola Plan, 072X-0127

Plan 072X-0127

16’x16’ Pergola Plan
Width 16'0"
Depth 16'0"
Pergola Plan, 072X-0130

Plan 072X-0130

Garden Pergola
Width 16'0"
Depth 16'0"
Viewing 1-9 of 9 Items Per Page:

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