Miscellaneous Accessory Structure Plans

Accessory Structure Plan, 052X-0003 Plan 052X-0003

About Miscellaneous Accessory Structure Plans ...

Our miscellaneous accessory structure plans are a collection of designs that will add that “something extra” to your backyard. For example, we offer studio plans for artists and writers, and cozy home offices that allow you to work at home without being distracted by everyday happenings in the home. Additionally, there are simple structures that can serve as a guest suite for weekend visitors or bunkhouses for the kids when they have friends over to spend the night. Some of these structures feature a full bath and even a kitchenette. Other miscellaneous accessory structures do not offer finished space. These types of designs include a motorcycle garage that can double as a shed, and storage rooms/sheds that include a porch or other space for outdoor relaxing. Take some time to browse our accessory structure plans, you might just find a plan that will satisfy a need you didn’t even know you had. If you are looking for a smaller structure, consider our Miscellaneous Outdoor Project plans.


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Motorcycle Garage Plan, 006G-0001

Plan 006G-0001

Motorcycle Garage
Width 14'0"
Depth 14'0"
Workshop Plan, 050B-0007

Plan 050B-0007

15'x15' Workshop Plan
Width 15'0"
Depth 15'0"
Workshop Plan, 050B-0008

Plan 050B-0008

Backyard Workshop
Width 18'0"
Depth 15'0"
Backyard Shed Plan, 072S-0002

Plan 072S-0002

Backyard Shed Plan with Porch
Width 21'7"
Depth 21'7"
Accessory Structure Plan, 052X-0004

Plan 052X-0004

Backyard Accessory Structure
Width 16'0"
Depth 10'0"
Pool House Plan, 006P-0040

Plan 006P-0040

Pool House with Garage
Full Bath 1
Width 28'0"
Depth 31'0"
Accessory Structure Plan, 052X-0003

Plan 052X-0003

Accessory Structure
Full Bath 1
Width 21'0"
Depth 21'0"
Accessory Structure Plan, 062X-0004

Plan 062X-0004

Backyard Music Studio
Half Bath 1
Width 22'0"
Depth 18'9"
Studio & Rec Room Plan, 051X-0001

Plan 051X-0001

Studio & Rec Room Plan
Full Bath 1
Width 24'0"
Depth 34'0"
Potting Shed Plan, 028S-0012

Plan 028S-0012

Potting Shed Plan
Width 14'0"
Depth 14'0"
Outdoor Lodge, 062X-0001

Plan 062X-0001

Outdoor Lodge
Width 22'6"
Depth 23'0"
Pavilion Plan with Storage, 065X-0001

Plan 065X-0001

Pavilion with Pool Storage
Width 18'0"
Depth 34'0"
Accessory Structure Plan, 052X-0001

Plan 052X-0001

Backyard Accessory Structure
Width 10'0"
Depth 11'0"
Pool House Plan with Loft, 062P-0003

Plan 062P-0003

Pool House with Gathering Room
Full Bath 2
Width 65'0"
Depth 36'0"
Accessory Building Plan, 012X-0001

Plan 012X-0001

30'x26' Accessory Building
Width 30'0"
Depth 26'0"
Cabin-Style Shed Plan, 047S-0001

Plan 047S-0001

Cabin-Style Shed Plan
Width 12'0"
Depth 12'0"
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