Hot Tub & Pool Deck Plans

Pool Deck Plan, 072X-0034 Plan 072X-0034

About Hot Tub & Pool Deck Plans ...

Building a deck for your hot tub or pool will enhance the enjoyment of your refreshing and relaxing backyard retreat. Hot tub and pool decks provide a usable and functional area around the hot tub or pool for socializing or laying towels and flips nearby so they are waiting for you after your soothing soak or swim. For other deck ideas, please visit our Deck plan collection. If you’d like to further enhance your pool, consider building a Pool House plan

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Easy Pool Deck Plan, 047X-0005

Plan 047X-0005

Easy Pool Deck Plan
Pool Deck Plan with Trellis, 047X-0006

Plan 047X-0006

Split-Level Pool Deck Plan with Trellis
Pool Deck Plan, 050X-0021

Plan 050X-0021

Pool Deck Plan
Width 16'0"
Depth 12'0"
Deck Plan, 057X-0007

Plan 057X-0007

Dual Deck Plan
Deck Plan, 057X-0008

Plan 057X-0008

Hot Tub Deck Plan
Width 62'4"
Depth 24'0"
Deck Plan, 057X-0010

Plan 057X-0010

Entertainment Deck
Width 81'9"
Depth 30'0"
Hot Tub Deck Plan, 057X-0030

Plan 057X-0030

Hot Tub Deck Plan
Width 40'0"
Depth 36'0"
Hot Tub Deck Plan, 057X-0048

Plan 057X-0048

Deck for Covered Spa
Width 24'4"
Depth 18'10"
Pool Deck Plan, 072X-0003

Plan 072X-0003

Multi-Size, Free-Standing Pool Deck
Pool Deck Plan, 072X-0011

Plan 072X-0011

Multi-Level Pool Deck Plan
Pool Deck Plan, 072X-0012

Plan 072X-0012

Backyard Pool Deck with Planters
Pool Deck Plan, 072X-0018

Plan 072X-0018

Pool Deck with Screened Area
Hot Tub Deck Plan, 072X-0019

Plan 072X-0019

Multi-Level Hot Tub Deck
Pool Deck Plan, 072X-0022

Plan 072X-0022

Large Free-Standing Pool Deck
Pool Deck Plan, 072X-0030

Plan 072X-0030

Pool Deck with Pergola
Pool Deck Plan, 072X-0032

Plan 072X-0032

Bi-Level Pool Deck
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