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Gazebo Plan, 050X-0001 Plan 050X-0001

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Gazebo plans are outdoor structures featuring a roof and open sides that deliver a view of the surrounding landscape. They are popular backyard structures that often feature benches or other seating, and they are used for relaxing and entertaining. Gazebo plans can be simple in style with little or no ornamentation, while others are quite decorative and showcase special details like handrails, spindles, or lattice. The shape and number of sides a gazebo can have will vary by design, but most of them are either square, rectangle, hexagon, or octagon shaped structures. Gazebo plans share some common features with Deck plans and Pavilion plans

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Gazebo Plan, 050X-0001

Plan 050X-0001

Gazebo Plan with Benches
Width 24'0"
Depth 20'10"
Gazebo Plan, 050X-0002

Plan 050X-0002

Large Gazebo Plan
Width 32'0"
Depth 32'0"
Gazebo or Pavilion Plan, 050X-0006

Plan 050X-0006

Gazebo or Pavilion
Width 16'0"
Depth 14'0"
Gazebo Plan, 050X-0007

Plan 050X-0007

21'x17' Gazebo
Width 21'0"
Depth 17'0"
Gazebo or Pavilion Plan, 050X-0008

Plan 050X-0008

Gazebo with Fireplace
Width 25'0"
Depth 21'0"
Gazebo Plan with Fireplace, 050X-0069

Plan 050X-0069

Gazebo with Fireplace
Width 24'0"
Depth 20'0"
Gazebo Plan, 065X-0002

Plan 065X-0002

Octagon Gazebo
Width 22'9"
Depth 22'9"
Octagon Gazebo Plan, 072X-0017

Plan 072X-0017

Open Multi-Size Octagon Gazebo
Screened Gazebo Plan, 072X-0047

Plan 072X-0047

Multi-Size Square Screened Gazebo
Gazebo Plan, 072X-0050

Plan 072X-0050

Victorian Gazebo
Backyard Office or Enclosed Gazebo, 065X-0005

Plan 065X-0005

Backyard Office or Enclosed Gazebo
Width 20'0"
Depth 20'0"
Pavilion Plan, 006X-0009

Plan 006X-0009

Pavilion Plan
Width 12'0"
Depth 12'0"
Gazebo Plan, 006X-0011

Plan 006X-0011

Gazebo Plan
Width 14'0"
Depth 12'0"
Accessory Structure Plan, 006X-0012

Plan 006X-0012

Storage Structure
Width 14'0"
Depth 14'0"
Pavilion Plan, 006X-0014

Plan 006X-0014

Pavilion Plan
Width 14'0"
Depth 14'0"
Pavilion Plan, 006X-0017

Plan 006X-0017

Pavilion with Fireplace
Width 16'0"
Depth 16'0"
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