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Two-Car Garage Plan, 050G-0175 Plan 050G-0175

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Detached garage plans are accessory structures designed to fit in your backyard or beside your home. They make a nice addition to any property delivering extra sheltered parking or storage space while enhancing the value of your home. This collection of detached garage plans consists of 1-car garage plans and 2-car garage plans. They are available in a variety of sizes and architectural styles ensuring you’ll find the right one to match your home and fit your lot. Some of these detached garage plans offer special extras like a covered porch, workshop, or loft. Not only are they suitable for extra parking, but they are also ideal for storing the family bikes, riding lawn mower, recycling bins, outdoor toys and more. Garage plans with lofts provide even more usable space above the garage. They easily handle basement or attic overflow and seasonal items like holiday decorations. For a broader selection of garage plans with more special features or more than one, and two garage bays, please visit our affiliate site, If you are interested in instructions for general construction of a garage, please check out our How-To-Build a Garage plan.


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2-Car Garage with Storage, 001G-0002

Plan 001G-0002

2-Car Garage with Loft
Width 24'0"
Depth 28'0"
2-Car Garage with Carport, 001G-0007

Plan 001G-0007

2-Car Garage with Carport
Width 40'0"
Depth 26'0"
1-Car Garage Design, 006G-0011

Plan 006G-0011

1-Car Garage
Width 18'0"
Depth 24'0"
Two-Car Garage Plan, 006G-0014

Plan 006G-0014

2-Car Garage with Tudor Details
Width 22'0"
Depth 22'0"
Double Garage, 006G-0027

Plan 006G-0027

Double Garage
Width 25'0"
Depth 24'0"
Traditional 2-Car Garage, 006G-0031

Plan 006G-0031

Traditional 2-Car Garage
Width 25'0"
Depth 25'0"
Garage Loft Photo, 006G-0064

Plan 006G-0064

Traditional Garage Loft Plan
Width 24'0"
Depth 28'0"
2-Car Garage Plan, 006G-0126

Plan 006G-0126

Traditional 2-Car Garage
Width 21'0"
Depth 21'0"
2-Car Garage Loft Plan, 007G-0004

Plan 007G-0004

2-Car Garage Plan with Loft
Width 38'0"
Depth 24'0"
Garage Loft Plan Photo, 010G-0003

Plan 010G-0003

30'x25' Garage Loft Plan
Width 30'0"
Depth 25'0"
Garage Workshop Plan, 010G-0005

Plan 010G-0005

1-Car Garage Workshop
Width 30'0"
Depth 24'0"
Garage Loft Plan, 010G-0006

Plan 010G-0006

Garage Workshop with Loft
Full Bath 1
Width 24'0"
Depth 36'0"
Detached 2-Car Garage, 012G-0019

Plan 012G-0019

26'x24' 2-Car Garage
Width 26'0"
Depth 24'0"
Two Car Garage Plan, 012G-0042

Plan 012G-0042

2-Car Garage
Width 24'0"
Depth 22'0"
Garage Loft Plan, 019G-0003

Plan 019G-0003

2-Car Garage with Storage Loft
Width 24'0"
Depth 30'0"
2-Car Garage Plan with Loft, 019G-0010

Plan 019G-0010

2-Car Garage with Loft
Width 26'0"
Depth 28'0"
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