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Modern Pool House Plan, 050P-0006 Plan 050P-0006

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The Project Plan Shop is currently featuring pool house plans. Whether you enjoy relaxing by the pool with the kids or barbecues and swim parties for all your friends and family, we’ve got a pool house for you. Our pool house plans include either a full or half bath along with other extras like storage space, a kitchenette, covered porch, or even a guest bedroom. Alternative poolside structures include deck plans, gazebos and pavilion plans.

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Pool House Plan, 033P-0002

Plan 033P-0002

Pool House with Bath & Storage
Full Bath 1
Width 20'0"
Depth 12'0"
Pool House Plan, 050P-0001

Plan 050P-0001

Pool House & Outdoor Kitchen
Full Bath 1
Width 24'11"
Depth 31'11"
Pool House Plan, 062P-0011

Plan 062P-0011

Pool House with Workshop
Full Bath 1
Width 24'0"
Depth 44'5"
Pool House Plan, 062P-0012

Plan 062P-0012

Cabana with Lanai
Half Bath 1
Width 24'0"
Depth 16'0"
Pool House Plan, 062P-0015

Plan 062P-0015

Pool House with Bar & Grill
Half Bath 1
Width 32'0"
Depth 24'0"
Pool House Plan, 076P-0001

Plan 076P-0001

Pool House with Grilling Porch
Half Bath 1
Width 28'0"
Depth 20'5"
Pool House Plan, 084P-0001

Plan 084P-0001

Pool House with Covered Porch
Half Bath 1
Width 42'0"
Depth 26'5"
Pool House Plan, 019P-0001

Plan 019P-0001

Pool House with Studio
Full Bath 1
Width 26'0"
Depth 26'0"
Cabana Plan, 028P-0001

Plan 028P-0001

Cabana with Grilling Porch
Full Bath 1
Width 28'0"
Depth 20'0"
Pool House Design, 006P-0009

Plan 006P-0009

Pool House with Covered Porch
Full Bath 1
Width 21'0"
Depth 27'0"
Pool House Plan, 006P-0018

Plan 006P-0018

Pool House with Covered Porch
Full Bath 1
Width 31'0"
Depth 27'0"
Pool Cabana, 035P-0001

Plan 035P-0001

Craftsman-Style Pool House
Full Bath 1
Width 33'0"
Depth 17'0"
Cabana Plan Photo, 035P-0002

Plan 035P-0002

Elegant Cabana Plan
Full Bath 1
Width 53'6"
Depth 33'6"
Pool House Plan, 006P-0022

Plan 006P-0022

Pool House with Dual Baths
Full Bath 2
Width 29'0"
Depth 33'0"
Pool House Plan, 062P-0013

Plan 062P-0013

Pool House with Kitchenette
Full Bath 1
Width 24'0"
Depth 16'0"
Pool House Plan, 062P-0014

Plan 062P-0014

Pool House with Storage
Width 28'0"
Depth 24'0"
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