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Indoor Furniture Plan, 077X-0097 Plan 077X-0097

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The Project Plan Shop is featuring indoor and outdoor furniture plans. Enhance your home, porch, deck and yard with these designs including picnic tables, desks, cabinets, swings, and Adirondack chairs and more.

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Outdoor Furniture Plan, 072X-0105

Plan 072X-0105

Traditional Picnic Table
Outdoor Furniture Plan, 072X-0111

Plan 072X-0111

Patio Rocking Chair
Indoor Furniture Plan, 077X-0007

Plan 077X-0007

Nursery Set
Outdoor Furniture Plan, 077X-0012

Plan 077X-0012

40” Porch Swing
Indoor Furniture Plan, 077X-0039

Plan 077X-0039

Blanket Chest & Bench
Indoor Furniture Plan, 077X-0055

Plan 077X-0055

Futon Sofa Bed
Outdoor Furniture Plan, 077X-0066

Plan 077X-0066

Hammock Frame
Indoor Furniture Plan, 077X-0076

Plan 077X-0076

Corner Cabinet
Outdoor Furniture Plan, 077X-0080

Plan 077X-0080

Porch Rocker
Outdoor Furniture Plan, 077X-0086

Plan 077X-0086

Tree Seat
Outdoor Furniture Plan, 077X-0094

Plan 077X-0094

Double Porch Rocker
Indoor Furniture Plan, 077X-0097

Plan 077X-0097

Kitchen Island
Indoor Furniture Plan, 077X-0098

Plan 077X-0098

Hall Tree
Viewing 1-13 of 13 Items Per Page:

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