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Easy Raised Deck Plan, 047X-0003 Plan 047X-0003

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Deck plans deliver an opportunity to create an outdoor living space for entertaining, grilling, dining and relaxing. Decks are typically constructed of weather-resistant lumber or composite wood. The deck plans in our collection range in size, shape, and function or purpose. This collection includes simple decks, multi-level deck pans and those that incorporate a gazebo, pergola or trellis. For a broader selection of deck plans, please view our collection of Hot Tub and Pool Deck plans. If you are interested in instructions for general construction of a deck, please check out our How-To-Build a Deck plan.

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Deck Plan, 047X-0002

Plan 047X-0002

Easy Patio Deck
Easy Raised Deck Plan, 047X-0003

Plan 047X-0003

Easy Raised Deck Plan
Raised Deck Plan with Trellis, 047X-0004

Plan 047X-0004

Easy Raised Deck with Trellis
Split Level Deck Plan, 047X-0007

Plan 047X-0007

Split-Level Deck Plan
Deck Plan with Play Structure, 047X-0008

Plan 047X-0008

Split-Level Deck & Play Area
Split-Level Patio Deck Plan, 047X-0010

Plan 047X-0010

Split-Level Patio Deck
Deluxe Split-Level Deck Plan, 047X-0011

Plan 047X-0011

Luxury Split-Level Deck Plan
Corner Deck Plan, 047X-0015

Plan 047X-0015

Easy Corner Deck Plan
Picnic Deck Plan, 047X-0016

Plan 047X-0016

Picnic Deck with Raised Dining Area
Deck Plan, 047X-0017

Plan 047X-0017

Deck Plan with Trellis & Porch Swing
Deck Plan, 047X-0018

Plan 047X-0018

Split-Level Deck Plan
Deck Plan, 047X-0027

Plan 047X-0027

Fancy Raised Deck Plan
Deck Plan, 047X-0030

Plan 047X-0030

Gazebo Picnic Deck
Deck Plan, 047X-0033

Plan 047X-0033

Multi-Level Deck with Angled Corners
Two-Level Deck Plan, 047X-0034

Plan 047X-0034

Two-Level Deck with Angled Corners
Deck Plan, 047X-0041

Plan 047X-0041

Low-Maintenance Easy Raised Deck
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