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**NOTE: All custom project plans start at a minimum design fee of $100.00.**

Building a project plan can be a rewarding experience. Whether you are constructing a deck, pool house, or pavilion, building a piece of indoor furniture, or completing a small word craft such as a birdhouse, your project should reflect your style and personality while accommodating your needs. You already have ideas about what you desire in your next project, so now is the time to consider a custom project plan designed to fit your exact needs. Our custom design team offers detailed custom design services at an affordable price. Our experienced designers will work with you to create YOUR custom design, keeping you and your construction budget in mind.

Our staff has over ten years of experience working with customers over the phone, through email and by fax. We’ll listen carefully and design exactly the custom project plan you want. For a free consultation, contact us today! You’ll see how easy it can be to take advantage of our experience and dedication to customer service, no matter the distance.

Follow these easy steps for your free quote and brief consultation:

  1. Fill out and submit the custom project design request form. Please remember details are important! When describing your desired project plan, be as specific as possible. (To ensure consistency, use “width” when discussing measurements running left to right on the floor plan. Use "depth" when discussing measurements running front to back.)
  2. Provide any drawings or sketches you have available.
  3. One of our custom designers will contact you within two (2) business days. Expect a brief consultation and quote for your desired custom design. Please note: All time and cost estimates are good for 45 days.

Custom Project design fees:

Purchasing a custom drawn project plan will ensure you will get a project plan that will satisfy your specific needs and desires. All custom drawn projects plans start out at a minimum fee of $100.00, and quotes for design fees will increase accordingly based on the complexity of the project. Your custom project design will include up to two (2) preliminary drafts of the plan at no extra charge. Additional revisions requested by the client will be charged at a rate of $85.00 per hour.

Payment and Time Schedule

Custom project plan fees will be collected in three (3) payments:

  • Retainer 1 (1/2): Due prior to beginning preliminary drawings.
  • Retainer 2 (1/4): Due upon approval of preliminary drawings and prior to beginning the detailed working drawings.
  • Retainer 3 (1/4): Due upon completion of working drawings and prior to shipping plans.

Any additional revision requests will be charged at $85.00 per hour.

Balance: If a balance is remaining, the amount is due prior to delivery of goods.

Custom project design process:

  • Client will sign a custom design contract.
  • Our custom design team will provide the first draft of the preliminary design for review within three (3) weeks of receiving the first retainer and will reflect all of the items submitted on the original custom design request.
  • Up to two (2) preliminary drafts will be submitted to the client prior to detailing the final construction drawings for the project plan. After the second preliminary draft, additional design requests or changes not included in the original request will be charged independently at an hourly rate of $85.00 or a flat quoted rate.
  • After the client has verified and approved all the preliminary drawings and we have received the second retainer, the custom project plan will be detailed and completed within an additional three (3) weeks. Additional design requests or changes not included in the original request will be charged independently at an hourly rate of $85.00 or a flat quoted rate.
  • The client will be notified at the time the custom plan is completed. At that time, the final payment will be due in full prior to shipment.

**NOTE: All approximated timeframes presume the client will respond/provide feedback in a timely manner. Any delayed responses will prolong the approximated completion time.**

Additional notes about engineering and building codes (when applicable):

Our custom project plans are designed to meet national building codes. We do not guarantee they will meet all local building requirements or building codes influenced by local geographic or climactic factors. It is the responsibility of the owner or builder to ensure these project plans comply with city, county, municipal and/or state/provincial building codes. Additionally, your custom project plans will not be sealed or stamped by an engineer or architect. It is the owner’s (or builder’s) responsibility to hire a local professional to review and seal or stamp the plans if required by the building department. This must be handled by an engineer or architect licensed in the state/province where the project is to be built.

The completed custom project blueprints will be emailed in PDF format (5 printed sets or CAD file option available upon request.) The blueprints WILL INCLUDE (when applicable):

  1. Floor Plans: Project plan drawings indicating dimensions for construction
  2. Roof Plan: Drawings indicating roof slopes and unique conditions
  3. Exterior Elevations: Drawings reflecting exterior appearance and the types of materials used for the exterior finish and trim
  4. Building Sections: Drawings cut through important locations in the structure
  5. Construction Details: Drawings showing specific construction of building elements at a large scale
  6. Electrical Plans: Basic electrical layout (reflects suggested locations of receptacles, fixtures and switches)
  7. Foundation Plan: Dimensioned drawings describing specific foundation conditions for the structure
  8. Kitchen and bath elevations (if applicable)
  9. A building license: A single-use license for construction at one location only

(NOTE: If design is to be built multiple times, a discounted re-use license is required and available upon request.)

If you would like to get started, please complete and submit our custom project design request form.

OR, please contact us:

Phone: 901-754-9874

Our custom design team can provide other custom plans such as single-family homes, multi-family units, commercial plans, garages and garage apartment plans.

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