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Birdhouse & Feeder Plans, 077X-0002 Plan 077X-0002

About Birdhouse Plans & Doghouse Plans ...

We offer a nice collection of birdhouse plans and doghouse plans. Our birdhouse plans provide an easy way to attract native bird species to your backyard or flower garden. You’ll enjoy building these small structures as much as you’ll enjoy watching the birds that inhabit them. Our doghouse plans offer the perfect opportunity to build something special for your four-legged friend. They will provide year-round shelter from the elements for your pet. 

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Dual Doghouse & Run, 050X-0077

Plan 050X-0077

Dual Doghouse & Run
Width 8'0"
Depth 16'0"
Doghouse Plan, 050X-0078

Plan 050X-0078

Doghouse & Dog Run
Width 8'0"
Depth 20'0"
Dual Doghouse & Run, 050X-0079

Plan 050X-0079

Dual Doghouse & Run
Width 8'0"
Depth 20'0"
Doghouse Plan, 050X-0080

Plan 050X-0080

Doghouse with Dog Run
Width 10'0"
Depth 16'0"
Doghouse and Dog Run, 050X-0081

Plan 050X-0081

Doghouse & Dog Run
Width 12'0"
Depth 14'0"
Doghouse & Dog Run, 050X-0082

Plan 050X-0082

Doghouse with Dog Run
Width 20'0"
Depth 8'0"
Dog Kennel Plan, Left, 062X-0007

Plan 062X-0007

Kennel Plan
Half Bath 1
Width 40'0"
Depth 22'0"
Dog House Plan, 033X-0013

Plan 033X-0013

Doghouse Plan
Width 3'0"
Depth 4'0"
Dog Shed Project Plan, 062X-0005

Plan 062X-0005

Dog Shed
Width 8'0"
Depth 12'0"
Doghouse Plan, 072X-0087

Plan 072X-0087

Doghouse I
Dog House Plan, 072X-0087

Plan 072X-0088

Doghouse II
Birdhouse Plan, 072X-0091

Plan 072X-0091

Birdhouse I
Birdhouse Plan, 072X-0092

Plan 072X-0092

Birdhouse II
Birdhouse Plan, 072X-0093

Plan 072X-0093

Birdhouse III
Birdhouse Plan, 072X-0094

Plan 072X-0094

Birdhouse IV
Birdhouse Plan, 077X-0060

Plan 077X-0060

Country & Victorian Birdhouses
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